This is definitely the best curling shot we've ever seen

Wild Curling Shot Stuns Opponent (0:39)

Mike McEwen's impressive shot wasn't enough for the win, as opponent Brad Gushue took home the Masters title. (0:39)

We usually don't keep close tabs on the world of curling, but this shot by Mike McEwen might be one of the best shots we've seen in anything. It's just perfect -- the buildup, the payoff, the reactions -- unimprovable in every way.

McEwen's triple-raise takeout (by the by, that's an awesome phrase that we want to port over to other sports ASAP) wasn't quite enough to beat Brad Gushue, who took home the Masters Grand Slam of Curling title with an 8-6 win. Gushue may have won the match, he didn't do that.


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