MLB teams release wild new ballpark foods for fans

Several Major League Baseball teams and their concessionaires, Aramark, Delaware North and Levy Restaurants, on Thursday unveiled the latest delicacies for fans to purchase at their ballparks this season.

Here are our favorites.

Let's start off with the Wicked Pig. The sandwich has pulled pork, Danish bacon, sausage, prosciutto, ham, coleslaw and pork rinds with BBQ sauce.

The second must-try item for Rangers fans is the Chicken & Donut Skewer -- a 12-inch skewer with donut holes and fried chicken. It's drizzled with -- wait for it -- spicy buffalo honey sauce.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have also been strong in the food department, and they're back with a Cheeseburger Dog. What? It's a hot dog made of CHAR-GRILLED HAMBURGERS. They've been ground up and mixed with chopped smoked bacon, green onion and cheddar cheese. They are then breaded with milk and flour, deep-fried and served on a hot dog bun with smoked bacon and secret sauce!

The Kansas City Royals will feature the Champions Alley Dog, which is a bacon-wrapped, tempura-battered hot dog with sweet slaw and chipotle ketchup on a pretzel bun.

Toronto Blue Jays fans will be able to get Chicken & Waffle On A Stick that comes with maple sriracha drizzle. But the item we're most excited about out of Toronto is Buffalo Cauliflower Poutine. It's breaded cauliflower in buffalo sauce with cheese curds, gravy and scallions.

The Pittsburgh Pirates will have something people will either love or hate: It's the Cracker Jack & Mac Dog -- a hot dog with Cracker Jacks, mac and cheese, salted caramel sauce and fried jalapeños on naan bread.

The Boston Red Sox are offering a Savenor's Steak Tip Sandwich. It's marinated tips with cheese and BBQ sauce on a crusty roll.

Houston Astros fans can chomp on Irish Nachos, which are kettle chips with jalapeño quest and nacho toppings.

We're more impressed with The Flying Pig at Minute Maid Field. It's a deep-fried pork shank in peanut curry ranch served with sweet chili apple slaw.

In case you missed it, the Atlanta Braves and Delaware North earlier this week ratcheted up expectations with this "Burgerizza" -- a huge bacon cheeseburger sandwiched by personal pizzas (one topped with pepperoni, the other plain). It will be $26, but I dare you to try to eat that yourself.