Athletes celebrating Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Children tend to mimic the actions of their parents; for some, that means following in the footsteps of superstar athletes.

In honor of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, here are some of our favorite athletes and their kids having way too much fun at work:

Lionel Messi

Thiago Messi, who would no doubt be the cutest member of FC Barcelona, even dresses the part when he joins his dad at work.

Ken Griffey Sr.

What's cooler than having your dad as a coach growing up? Having your dad as your teammate, of course.

Kobe Bryant

What do you do when your dad is Kobe Bryant? You dribble around at an NBA All-Star practice.

Chris Paul

CP3 2.0 looks just like his dad and might just be the most adorable person to ever help throw out a first pitch at a Dodgers game.

Jimmie Johnson

Genevieve Johnson is her dad's biggest fan at the racetrack. Here she is hanging out with him prior to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series GEICO 400.

Drew Brees

In one of our favorite photos of all time, Baylen Brees helped celebrate the New Orleans Saints' 2010 Super Bowl win.

Tiger Woods

Charlie and Sam Woods, who we wish were Tiger's full-time caddies, helped their dad during the Par 3 Contest at this year's Masters tournament.

LeBron James

King James' kids are with him just about everywhere he goes. Here's LeBron Jr. accompanying his dad at the 2012 NBA Most Valuable Player trophy news conference.

Archie Manning

This could also work for Take Your Dad to Work Day. Is that a thing?

Dusty Baker

Bringing your kid to work may not always work out as planned. Bat boy Darren Baker ran out during a World Series game ... in the middle of a play. It almost didn't end well. That was in 2002 and he's still not allowed to be a bat boy.