Stephen Curry on trash-talking his brother Seth

Tim Cattera/NBAE/Getty Images

One day after schooling a potential autograph-seeker, Stephen Curry joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss, among other things, the reigning MVP's recent golf outing with President Obama.

Steph's father Dell and former NBA sharpshooter Ray Allen completed the foursome, leading to the natural question: Who was the best shooter?

"Ray Allen has so many records, you gotta give it to him," Curry said. "So, hopefully down the stretch of my career, I can catch him and take that title from him."

Surely, Patrick wondered, Curry didn't really, truly think Allen was a better shooter, did he?

"If me and him were out on the floor right now," Curry said, "I would definitely beat him. But you can't overlook the longevity and the records that he's been able to have in the NBA."

Curry also said it would take a decade of his current level of play to be rightfully considered the best -- or among the best -- deep shooters in NBA history. With six years under his belt already, and many already calling Curry the best shooter ever, that goal looks attainable for Curry.

Meanwhile, the number of Currys in the NBA is about to double next season, as Stephen's little brother Seth begins his career with the Sacramento Kings.

That sibling rivalry escalating to the professional ranks has already sparked some family trash talk, according to Steph.

Would you have any problem lighting him up for 50 points?

"Not at all," Curry said, noting the entire Curry clan is already looking forward to Nov. 7, when the defending champion Golden State Warriors visit Sacramento.

"Hope to have a couple 1-on-1 scenarios [against Seth]," Stephen said. "That would be a dream come true for sure, no matter how it goes."

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(h/t Bleacher Report)