'The Mountain' from 'Game of Thrones' becomes Europe's Strongest Man -- again

When he's not busy giving Dornish princes unexpected brain surgery on "Game of Thrones," Hafthor Bjornsson spends his time lifting heavy things. As a professional strongman, Bjornsson is dominating the sport -- and at only 26 years old, he could be doing so for quite some time.

Earlier this month, Bjornsson competed in Europe's Strongest Man competition against such opponents as deadlift record holder Eddie "The Beast" Hall. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bjornsson won, for the second year in a row.

Here are some of the quite heavy things Bjornsson lifted on the way to his title:

SPOILER ALERT: I'm really interested to see whether the whole "Cleganebowl" theory comes true. It has to, right? 'Cause he's definitely Ser Robert Strong. Who else could it be?