Watch 6-1 Jordan Kilganon throw down another inconceivable dunk

Zach LaVine, 2014-16 NBA dunk champion.

Jordan Kilganon, 2016-17 NBA dunk champion?

There's a good debate brewing that two-time champ LaVine could be dethroned should the NBA extend an invite to Kilganon next February. And for good reason.

Witness his latest aerial incarnation:

And this throwback:

And please don't forget this, in JEANS:

All that at 6-foot-1.

The dunk maestro has achieved Internet notoriety for conceiving and executing some of the most inconceivable slams ever. Dunking immortality -- along the likes of winners such as MJ, Vince and LaVine -- seems to be the next logical step.

The NBA community is well aware of his video-game-like capabilities, so we can't blame them if they don't want him in the contest.

But if he ever gets in, the dunk contest might never be the same.