LeBron James makes shooting full-court shots look far too easy

LeBron James never ceases to amaze us, and this season's playoffs have certainly been no exception.

Whether it's throwing down an insane windmill rim-rocker on the break or denying Evan Turner at the rim for a poster block, LeBron has had our full attention in the first round.

So while most fans were still marveling at Stephen Curry's incredible game-tying 3-pointer Thursday night, LeBron did this:

After todays practice at the Garden @kingjames full court shot! #striveforgreatness

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And here's another angle that tracks the full flight of the sphere. Bet the Browns wish their QBs could deliver strikes on the money like that:

Update: Not to be outdone, the Houston Rockets posted this rebuttal from center Dwight Howard while sporting a yellow backpack:

The NBA: Where amazing one-handed, full-court heaves us mere mortals couldn't hit in 100 tries happens.