Russell Westbrook, Dirk Nowitzki belong in the Halloween Hall of Fame

Halloween is nigh, so you'll undoubtedly see a number of pro athletes show off their costumes. They'll have to work hard to beat Dirk Nowitzki and Russell Westbrook, though.

First, the 7-foot German as Lurch, the nearly wordless butler from "The Addams Family":

Why isn't Nowitzki Lurch every Halloween? And at all costume parties? And in parody sketches and maybe on even just some random days, for fun? Sure, the reference is about 100 years old (well, about 50 if we're talking the TV series and more than 20 if we're talking the movies). And no, Nowitzki isn't as slow-moving and slow-talking as the character. But you can't deny the resemblance; in makeup, he's a regular Ted Cassidy/Carel Struycken.

His might not have been the best costume of the year, though. Making a run is Russell Westbrook, who himself dressed as a tall Addams (technically Adams):

That's Russ as 7-foot Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Steven Adams, who himself seems to be doing an impression of former eccentric NBA big man Scot Pollard. Check the attention to detail: the flowing locks, the facial hair, even Adams' heritage-honoring tattoo that includes his middle name, Funaki.

That's Adams right there, as Joker-in-nurse-disguise from "The Dark Knight." And because why not, here's another photo from the Thunder's party, featuring Kevin Durant in Martin Lawrence's pizza delivery guy disguise from 1999's "Blue Streak."

Is there a Halloween Hall of Fame? There doesn't appear to be a Halloween Hall of Fame.

This should be fixed, with Westbrook and Nowitzki inductees in the inaugural class (and Durant surely getting some votes, too).

H/T SB Nation