Craft beer company sends Peyton Manning beer to stop him from drinking Budweiser

So, Peyton Manning, you just won the Super Bowl. What are you going to do next?

" . . . I'm going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight."

As you can expect, Manning eschewing the traditional celebratory bubbly in favor of the libation of choice for broke college kids caught the attention of the masses.

One group in particular, the Brewers Association -- and specifically Craft Brew director Julie Herz -- reached out to the Broncos quarterback with an offer that might help him atone for his brewski blunder.

"We've included a variety of choices which may satisfy the celebratory occasion more than a light American lager."

It's unclear what kind of craft beers were sent -- like, was there was some kind of artisan chicken-parm-flavored bottle customized for 18 -- but we're guessing a five-time MVP and two-time Super Bowl champ gets only the primo stuff.

Your move, Budweiser.