Fan asks Kristaps Porzingis to go to her senior prom

Kristaps Porzingis has gone from getting booed on draft night to being the toast of New York, and one Knicks fan wants to escalate Kristaps-mania to the next level -- and take the Knicks' rookie sensation to her prom.

Samantha Miller, a 17-year-old from Miller Place High School, showed up at Friday's Knicks game with this sign:

"I have been planning this for a little more than a month," Miller said. "I'm a huge fan of the Knicks and KP. I watch every game, so I wanted to bring him to prom with me, since I didn't go to my junior prom due to being bullied by some boys."

Miller met Porzingis' father at the game, and Porzingis said after the Knicks' win that he had seen the sign and would be recording a video response for Miller in the next couple of days. She doesn't know what he'll say yet, but if he were to say yes, she said, "After I woke up from fainting, I would go get a New York Knicks dress made."

A Porzingis prom appearance would also lead to a special request from Miller to the prom DJ, whom she would ask to play the famous "Kristaps Porzingis" Latvian rap song. "He would have to because I need to see [Porzingis'] dance moves," she said.

There is one significant logistical problem if the duo were to hit the dance floor together: Miller is just 5-foot-5, while Porzingis is listed at 7-foot-3. Fortunately, the teen has a solution for that too -- a pair of 5-inch Knicks high heels from Herstar.

Update: He responded!

Update: No hard feelings. Sam made a new sign for Porzingis and is still his No. 1 fan.

Nicole Gartner and Ian Begley contributed to this story.