Charlie Murphy's story about Prince in 'Chappelle's Show' just got a lot more plausible

"Chappelle's Show" had a lot of exceptional sketches, but the ones that have had perhaps the most lasting impact were narrated by Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy's brother and a fixture of '80s nightlife. In one, Charlie Murphy recounts the time he and his friends played Prince and the Revolution in a game of pickup basketball -- and suffered a brutal loss.

Prince has backed up Murphy's story in the past, but he claims that it was more Murphy being bad than Prince being good. Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter Libor Jany recently came across an old article about Prince's middle school and high school basketball career that might make you believe Prince is being modest:

We will refrain from making a "Game ... blouses" reference for two reasons. First, mindlessly repeating jokes out of context is the best way to make them (and us!) not funny. Second, he's obviously not wearing a blouse there. Prince is a professional.

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