This women's rugby player broke her nose -- and then made two big hits before leaving

There's a long, storied history of rugby players being ridiculously tough and playing through injuries that would send other athletes to the locker room. This video, of Lindenwood University rugby sevens player Georgia Page, is a fine addition to that legacy:

There is tough, then there is rugby tough. Lindenwood Women's player breaks her nose and stays on the field to make a try saving tackle. Give this girl a LIKE! See more at USA Sevens Rugby #respect #rugbytough

Posted by USA Sevens Rugby on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Page, who is from Australia, broke her nose on the play, but stayed on the field to make two big hits despite bleeding all over the place. True story: I once almost cried in Pop Warner because I got my pinkie finger caught in an opponent's face mask. Georgia Page is much tougher than I am, and in all likelihood much tougher than you are.

Need more proof? Here she is, postgame: