Ten athlete Twitter handles that will make you rethink your own

On Monday, the Twittersphere gained a notable new member, President Barack Obama. The Commander in Chief has been on the platform for quite some time as @BarackObama (purportedly run by his staff), but this time, he says it's legit. His Twitter handle of choice? @POTUS. Yeah, rocking a one-word acronym as your Twitter handle is a boss move.

Is your handle just your first and last name? Maybe it's time to reevaluate. You can do better. In honor of the heavy "Twitter soul searching" you're probably doing right now, here are 10 athletes who have it all figured out ... or at least are keeping things interesting.

Lesean McCoy (Buffalo Bills) -- @CutonDime25

Pretty self-explanatory. Classic case of subtly sliding your athletic ability into your handle.

Pharoh Cooper (University of South Carolina) -- @KingTutt_chdown

King Tut was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Cooper scores touchdowns. Yep, we see what he did there.

Damiere Byrd (Carolina Panthers) -- @LookIn_Da_Miere

It appears Pharoh Cooper isn't the only guy to ever don a Gamecocks jersey and have a clever Twitter tag. Is Damiere hinting at self-reflection or that people reading his tweets should check for lettuce in their teeth? We will probably never know.

Golden Tate (Detroit Lions) -- @ShowtimeTate

"Showtime Tate" is a suitable nickname for a guy who has racked up quite a highlight reel over the years. It reminds us a lot of a nickname that has already been accounted for (Prime Time), but that's none of our business.

Kevin Ogletree (New York Giants) -- @KOforPrez

What is Twitter for, if not shameless self-promotion? Vote for KO.

Michael Crabtree (Oakland Raiders) -- @KingCrab15

There are probably some players who recently came into the NFL who would have liked to use this handle as well. Just saying.

Derek Holland (Texas Rangers) -- @Dutch_Oven45

We're just going to leave this here.

Dontari Poe (Kansas City Chiefs) -- @PoeMans_dream

Is he referencing the Kendrick Lamar song "Poe Man's Dream (His Vice)"? Or is he simply eluding to sacking quarterbacks and tweeting greatness as living the dream?

Jason Grilli (Atlanta Braves) -- @GrillCheese49

If your nickname is "Grill Cheese" ... you win.

De'Anthony Thomas (Kansas City Chiefs) -- @BOSSLIFEDAT13

Right off the bat, the Kansas City running back (and former Oregon Duck) is letting everyone know he's out there grinding. He also makes a note to tweet in all-caps to match the style of his handle. Hey, you have to distinguish yourself somehow. AM I RIGHT?

Think we missed one? Let us know in the comments section.