New renderings of future Atlanta Braves stadium show Braves losing

Just look at this gorgeous rendering of part of the Atlanta Braves' new stadium:

Nice! Braves fans have a lot to look forward to when SunTrust Park opens in 2017.

But wait a second. If we look closer at the scoreboard, you can see the Braves ... losing?

We know the franchise has a history of disappointing in the playoffs -- with just one World Series victory, despite appearing in 17 of the past 23 playoffs -- but this is ridiculous.

How could this happen? Perhaps the architecture firm is filled with fans of soccer in Europe, where the home team is listed first on scoreboards?

Actually, no. As an SB Nation commenter pointed out, the scoreboard appears to have been lifted from a 2011 game the Braves were winning. The only problem: It was at the Washington Nationals.

In other words, it's an honest mistake -- and we've all made them.

To their credit, the Braves on social media don't seem to mind.

H/T SB Nation


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