Minor league team hosts Back Hair Appreciation night

Bowie Baysox

On Thursday night, the Bowie Baysox (the Double-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles) put on what could be the most unique promotion of all time: Back Hair Appreciation Night.

Because who doesn't like some good old fleecy back hair? OK, maybe a lot of people don't ... but back hair needs love too!

The Baysox took to their website to spread the word in a lighthearted invitation to all their fans with wool sweaters:

Is your back well-coiffed? Do you need to shave your back more often than your face? If the answer to these questions is YES, then you need to be at Back Hair Appreciation Night at the Baysox on Thursday, July 30.

... If your family and friends comment about the insane amount of hair you have on your back, or if you are cleaning out the filter in your pool twice a day after YOU get in it, then Back Hair Appreciation Night is YOUR Night to feel appreciated!

Needless to say, the pictures from the game did NOT disappoint:

The Baysox partnered with Robert Andrew Spas to provide complementary waxes because, as team communications manager Matt Wilson explained, "Excess back hair is something that silently affects a lot of people."

Hairy backs and baseball. Does it get more American?

Note: No word on whether any of the participants screamed Kelly Clarkson while getting their hair removed.