'Batman' takes on 'Riddler' in minor league hockey fight

Riddle Me This, Batman (0:33)

Toledo defenseman Cody Lampl, dressed as Batman, gets into fight with Evansville forward Kevin Harvey, who is dressed as the Riddler. (0:33)

By hockey fight standards, the one between Cody Lampl of the Toledo Walleye and Kevin Harvey of the Evansville IceMen was nothing remarkable.

Except, because of Toledo's Heroes Night promotion honoring Batman's 75th anniversary, the two ECHL teams were wearing Batman and Riddler jerseys.

Which means this (probably inevitable) fight WAS TECHNICALLY BATMAN VS. RIDDLER.

Lampl/Batman won with a big takedown, of course, because he couldn't let crime run rampant through Toledo's streets.

The only negative? Harvey wasn't wearing a special Two-Face jersey instead.

H/T Bleacher Report


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