Bowler Ben Ketola rolls world's fastest 300 game in less than 90 seconds

To roll a perfect game in bowling,12 strikes in 12 frames, requires incredible skill -- and a little bit of luck, too.

But doing it in less than 90 seconds? That's amazing.

On April 5, 23-year-old Ben Ketola did just that by recording the world's fastest 300 game in 86.9 seconds.

Courtesy of Syracuse.com, we now have video evidence of the tremendous feat.

"It was fun to do. I honestly wasn't expecting to do it," Ketola told Syracuse.com. "I just wanted to see how quickly I could get across the house and get strikes."

And if you think the challenge ends here for Ketola, think again. It sounds like he may attempt an even tougher test in his next act.

"Next time I may set up all spares on the lanes and see how fast I can make those," he said.