Andrew Bynum once drove away from a gas station with hose still attached

AP Photo H. Rumph Jr

Andrew Bynum's time with the Philadelphia 76ers did not go well.

After the team traded Andre Iguodala, Nikola Vucevic and other assets for the occasionally dominant yet mercurial former Los Angeles Laker, Bynum played precisely zero games in Philly, beset by injuries -- one of which reportedly occurred while bowling.

But that's not all. In Pablo S. Torre's story on 76ers president of basketball operations Sam Hinkie and his radical rebuilding effort for ESPN The Magazine's Analytics Issue, one more story has emerged about the player (who was acquired before Hinkie's tenure began):

Their would-be star was a hazardous fit -- sometimes even literally. One day, memorably, the rehabbing big man parked next to Aaron Barzilai, DiLeo's newly hired director of basketball analytics, in the parking lot of the team facility at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. As Bynum shuffled inside, Barzilai noticed something on their would-be star's custom black Ferrari and called after him. Bynum, it turned out, had driven away from a gas station without removing the pump's nozzle and eight-
foot rubber hose, which he'd dragged, pythonlike, through the street.

An honest mistake, for sure; who hasn't worriedly looked in the sideview mirror to see if they didn't do the same thing? But it's one that perfectly sums of Bynum's time in eastern Pennsylvania.

Read Torre's full profile of the post-Bynum, Hinkie-led Sixers here.

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