There is now a galaxy named after Cristiano Ronaldo

Astronomers on Wednesday announced that, through the European Southern Observatory near Munich, they have discovered the brightest galaxy in the early universe.

And that's cool. But this is a sports site, so why are we writing about it?

Because -- as the headline surely let you know -- they named the newly discovered galaxy CR7. And CR7 not only stands for Cosmos Redshift 7, but Cristiano Ronaldo and his No. 7.

No, this isn't a joke on our part; the astronomers really were inspired by the Portuguese Real Madrid star.

Here is an artist's impression of how it looks:

ESO's Very Large Telescope discovered by far the brightest galaxy yet found in the early Universe and found strong...

Posted by ESO Astronomy on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Take that, Lionel Messi! All Ronaldo's Argentina/Barcelona rival has -- based on a cursory search of the International Star Registry -- is one measly star!

That is, until a few more performances like this one cause us to rename our own galaxy the Messi Way.

H/T Bleacher Report