Did Emilio Estevez, star of 'The Mighty Ducks,' guide the Anaheim Ducks to a Game 5 victory?

The answer: No. That's crazy.

But the man who played Gordon Bombay in the famed 1992 hockey film "The Mighty Ducks" and its sequels live-tweeted -- and maybe attended? -- Game 5 of the Western Conference finals between the Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks. He even hashtagged his tweets with his character's name to let unsuspecting followers know what he was doing.

Estevez stayed with it and tweeted updates throughout the game.

After one period, in which the Ducks led 3-0:

Then after two, in which their lead was cut to 3-2:

When the Ducks scored what seemed like an all-important fourth goal:

Even when they blew a two-goal lead with less than two minutes to go, Estevez didn't waver.

Finally, after Matt Beleskey's goal 45 seconds into overtime gave the Ducks a crucial 3-2 series lead, Estevez capped the night with one final message. It wasn't that nice to Chicago. But hey, when you've had to deal with Mr. Ducksworth, you're entitled to a little anger about your hockey team.

Quack quack quack, indeed.