Will Ferrell's storied baseball career now documented in hilarious fashion

Five games. Ten teams. Nine positions. One day.

Comedian Will Ferrell pulled it off in the most Will Ferrell way possible Thursday.

And if you think it didn't count, oh, it did. How do we know? Because the go-to site on all things baseball statistics says so.

That's right -- baseball-reference.com has officially given Ferrell his own page, ensuring that generations of fans will never forget that one glorious spring training day on which that funny guy that grandpa liked back in the day played for 10 baseball teams.

Ferrell's profile page comes complete with a totally serious bio ...

... along with a complete history of the transactions that made Ferrell's epic day possible.

The page, which you should check out here, also includes Ferrell's career stats for his 10-team, one-day career.

Baseball Reference, we tip our hats to you. Well done.

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