What it's like to hoop and golf with Michael Jordan and Tom Brady

There's no way you had a better weekend than Keegan Bradley. It's just not possible. In case you missed it, the PGA Tour pro spent his Saturday hooping and golfing with Michael Jordan and Tom Brady in the Bahamas. On Monday, Bradley joined "SVP & Russillo" to describe what it's like to compete alongside two of the greatest ever to play their respective sports.

Catch the entire conversation here. A few highlights:

On how MJ responds to trash talk: "There was an employee at Baker's Bay where we were that had some game. He was pretty good. He kept kinda like pushing MJ. The more he pushed, the more trash MJ talked, and the more buckets that he made. And of course, here comes the huge crowd. MJ's on the court. Once the crowd shows up, he gets even more chatty. He said he hadn't played a game like that in 10 years. It was really, really cool."

On the shape of MJ's hoops game: "He kept doing that fake shot with one-hand palm move that he always did. I kept saying, 'This isn't '97, dude. That ain't working on me.' The thing about MJ is, no matter what I did or what anybody did, he would somehow get the shot off. Whether he would pick up his dribble ... and I would just be on him. Like fouling him ... and he would get it off. And he'd make it. He's not going around people and slamming. He was amazing at how many shots he would hit. And we're playing outside in the wind. It was blowing, you know, 20 miles an hour, [you could] barely get a shot off and they were just going in every time. It was amazing."

On Brady, the basketball player: "All I hear about Brady is how he's this unathletic quarterback, and how he's not mobile. You should see him on the basketball court. He's so athletic. ... He's a really good basketball player, and a really good golfer."

On betting Brady on the course: "Tom Brady, I'm going to give him 12 shots. This is easy money. I'm getting all cocky on the first tee and I get a match with him. And I win the first hole. I go, 'TB, I'll give you a buyout if you want.' I just start chirping. And then he runs off ... he plays the next 14 holes 4 under par. Beat me 6 and 5. He's really good. I couldn't believe it. ... Those competitive juices kicked in, and he smoked me."

On taking MJ's money: "That's the beautiful part about it. That's why I love playing with him. I call him my human ATM. I can just go out there if I need some cash I just call up [him] that day. But he really is a good player. The fun part about playing with him is that he's always in your ear. He'll go some places that are tough. After the round, you'll be thinking, 'Man, that was some tough stuff he said to me.'"