Watch Michael Jordan's famous 'The Shot' vs. Cavaliers from angle you might not have seen

You know Michael Jordan's "The Shot," that famous bucket he hit over Craig Ehlo and the Cleveland Cavaliers to give the sixth-seeded Chicago Bulls a 3-2 series win in the 1989 first round -- one that came to represent the beginning of MJ's Bulls' dominance, even if the team lost in the Eastern Conference finals that year.

You might not have seen The Shot like this. Sure, this video isn't completely new; it appears to have first surfaced on YouTube in 2013 and circulated a bit then. But a tweet Tuesday night -- Ehlo's birthday! -- brought it back.

Let's just say it's worth watching -- not only to see one of MJ's most "clutch" moments in a new light, but for the reporter's reaction and Jordan's fiery (and Anita Baker name-checking) postgame interview.

Michael, you stuck it baby.

H/T SB Nation.