'League of Legends' ratings top NBA Finals, World Series clinchers

Samsung White Wins League Of Legends World Championships (0:32)

Samsung White defeats Star Horn Royal Club three games to one to win the 2014 League of Legends World Championship. (0:32)

This story has been corrected. Read below

If you knew that Samsung Galaxy White won this year's "League of Legends" world championship, you're certainly not alone.

According to numbers released by Riot Games, 27 million people watched the finals in Seoul (broadcast in the U.S. on ESPN3).

Game 7 of this year's World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals? It was watched by 23.5 million (the series averaged 13.8 million).

The San Antonio Spurs' win over the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, which was clinched in five games, didn't help ratings there; 18 million people watched that deciding game (average for the series: 15.5 million).

That number is actually down from the previous year (32 million), although last year's record peak was 8.7 million, and as For The Win points out, the move from the U.S. to Korea possibly hurt online numbers.

As Riot Games vice president Dustin Beck told The Daily Dot, "I think we'll see it go up and down, with probably the trend line going up over time."

A Dec. 2 story on ESPN.com incorrectly listed viewership numbers of the League of Legends event. The 27 million people who watched were for the final round alone.


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