Armored knights face off in crazy Russian MMA match

Mixed martial arts appeals to the part of our brains that genuinely enjoys seeing a fight. Two people face off, using only their wits, speed, and strength, and one leaves victorious. Given the sheer number of fighters, styles, and training methods, there's really only one way to improve it: Let the fighters use weapons.

Wait, hear us out. We realize that sounds a bit dangerous, but the M1 Medieval tournament in Russia decided to try it anyway. Check out the video above to see what it looks like when modern-day knights face off in the ring (the action starts at about 4:30).

Now, a couple caveats: Those swords are not sharp, and even if they were, it's something of a Hollywood myth that a sword can just cut through plate mail in a single swing. You've got to either use a crushing weapon (like a hammer or mace) or a stabbing one (like a spear or the sword's pointy end). Even then, it's still not easy. Also, check out how agile both of those fighters are. It kind of puts to rest the idea that armor is unwieldy and near-immobilizing, doesn't it?

Yes, we played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons in high school. Why do you ask?