Team USA knights clash in medieval MMA melee

A few weeks back, I wrote about a video of two guys in Russia bashing one another in the head with swords while wearing armor. I thought it was pretty sweet, because I'm a humongous nerd who likes watching what is basically a real-life "Dungeons and Dragons" session.

As it turns out, there are organizations out there that turn one-on-one duels into 32-person battle royales:

This is a round in the Medieval Combat World Championships in Malbork, Poland, which rather conveniently has a castle where one can host such tournaments. The fact that Team USA is involved is a bit anachronistic, but I can't say that I mind. Team Poland is evidently something of a powerhouse in these competitions, which makes Team USA's loss understandable, but they gave nearly as good as they got.

Some things to watch for:

  • The guy who got his helmet knocked off and his opponent didn't realize it until he got in a few more hits

  • The guy who got an ax stuck in his helmet

  • Every time some poor dude got totally blindsided by a charging knight from the other side of the field

  • The announcer, who is properly biased toward Team USA but also gives Team Poland much-deserved props

I'm going to hit the gym now, so I can try this out one day without being immediately vaporized by some Gregor Clegane-lookalike.