Johnny Manziel's elaborate "money" birthday cake

Cakes are part of the birthday tradition. But when your name is Johnny Manziel ... Johnny Football ... Money Manziel, you can't have just any ordinary cake. Manziel, who turned 22 on Saturday and was tabbed the Browns' starting quarterback Tuesday, celebrated another year with this cake of money bags and stacks of hundred dollar bills:

According to Colossal Cupcakes owner Kelly Kandah, the custom double-chocolate fudge cake weighs in at around 45 pounds, is completely edible, and took two days to complete.

"It's definitely one of the cakes we're most proud of," Kandah said. "We got way more attention than we thought we'd get, but this was never done for that purpose."

Kandah also told ESPN that Manziel's buddies dropped a cool $600 on the money bags creation. We assume this was Manziel's response:


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