Check out these awesome helmets that mix 'Star Wars' characters and NFL teams

With "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in theaters Dec. 18, we're bringing back these sweet "Star Wars"-inspired NFL helmets created by artist John Raya in 2013. Definitely worth seeing when you're done freaking out about OMG CRASHED STAR DESTROYER CLOSE-RANGE TIE FIGHTER BATTLE WHY ISN'T IT CHRISTMAS YET????

Here are some of our favorites -- but they're almost all excellent:

Oakland Raiders as Coruscant Vaders

Just a perfect fit -- one that could actually fly as a real team name and logo. The fans already almost dress like Darth Vader, so ...

Philadelphia Eagles as Dagobah Yodas

It's not just the green-green connection. It's one of the galaxy's most powerful Jedi standing in for a team coached by a man (Chip Kelly) seen by some as a Jedi master. And this helmet was designed before Kelly coached a single game in Philly. That's how powerful The Force is.

Chicago Bears as Hoth Wampas

Another natural fit. Chicago in winter is very much the ice planet Hoth, while a wampas (one of which attacked Luke in "The Empire Strikes Back") are like more ambulatory bears. (Honorable mention for making the Denver Broncos the less-frightening Hoth Tauntauns.)

New York Jets as Yavin X-Wings

Perfect to have the Rebellion's famed flying machines stand in for the Jets, although we can't quite remember the last time New York's less-successful football team did anything akin to (ironic spoiler alert!) taking down the Death Star.

Buffalo Bills as Tatooine Banthas

Temperature-wise, Western New York is not a match with the famed desert planet. But the bantha fits so perfectly on the Bills' helmet, Buffalo -- like Oakland -- might actually want to consider a name change. (Although, that would open them up to plentiful "bantha fodder" jokes if they don't reverse their losing ways.)

Green Bay Packers as Nal Hutta Hutts

Jabba the Hutt as the Green Bay Packers' "G"? That's gold. And green. And whatever color Jabba was.

New England Patriots as Coruscant Jedis

Oh come on, you thought the Hoodied One wouldn't be reimagined as a hooded one?

Dallas Cowboys as Yavin Rebels

On one hand this is a bit puzzling, as Dallas isn't exactly akin to the plucky group that set up shop on Yavin 4 and defeated the Empire (for a time) against the odds. Then again, the Cowboys fashion themselves as America's Team, and the Rebels certainly became the Galaxy's Team (especially by "Return of the Jedi").

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