Gregg Popovich, master of awkward interviews and geometry

Interviewing Gregg Popovich requires a certain level of fearlessness. Before Sunday's game against the Utah Jazz, one reporter engaged in a particularly entertaining Q&A session with the San Antonio Spurs' head coach.

It started with the reporter asking what the Jazz had improved on since the last time Popovich faced the team. His response? "I haven't watched them." Then, it gets interesting ...

Does five-time NBA championship coach Gregg Popovich know anything at all? BOLD.

And just like that, you've been Pop'd. With a geometry lesson. Does anyone feel just a little bit bad for reporters?

In Marc Stein's 2013 feature, Tim Duncan was asked that question and said, "I think I'm laughing too hard to feel bad for anyone."

More pressing question: Shouldn't the Knicks be the team focused on triangles? I'll see myself out now.

H/T Spurs beat writer @JMcDonald_SAEN


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