Rollie Fingers grades the best MLB facial hair of 2015

Jonathan Olson for ESPN

Thirty years after he retired, Rollie Fingers remains the untouchable G.O.A.T. of MLB facial hair.

But what does Fingers, a Hall of Fame pitcher who was 1974's World Series MVP, think of the current crop of beards and 'staches in today's game?

"I don't really follow baseball," Fingers said with a smile. "I probably don't know many of these guys."

Even better -- he's an objective judge of hirsuteness. Let's see what happened when we asked Fingers to grade eight players from 1 to 10.

1. Dale Thayer, Padres: "Are those curls in the back? That's wild. I'll give him a 7."

2. Kevin Quackenbush, Padres: "See, I'm not a big fan of beards. That doesn't look really clean. Six."

3. Brendan Ryan, Yankees: "Now that guy could have played with us on the Athletics in the '70s. He's the best yet. He gets an 8."

4. Jonny Gomes, Braves: "He's got more on his chin than his head. Another 6."

5. Jason Motte, Cubs: "Another beard. I don't know how any of these guys can wear a beard in the summer. The uniform is hot as it is. Seven."

6. Pedro Alvarez, Pirates: "I like that one. It's trimmed up nice, and it looks pretty clean around the nose. Eight."

7. Bryce Harper, Nationals: "Another one that's pretty clean. I guess I'll give him another 8. I still haven't seen a 10."

8. Evan Gattis, Astros: "I actually like that. I think it looks good. He's definitely the best. Eight and a half. No 10s, but those aren't bad at all."

Fingers had the chance to talk during a stop promoting The Greatest Save, a child safety program.

He has been sporting his trademark handlebar mustache since 1971, when he grew it to win a $300 prize from Athletics owner Charles O. Finley. His style secret? "Clubman pinaud mustache wax. I've been using it for 40 years now."