Seahawks fans leave early, can't get back in to see historic rally

Seattle Seahawks supporters often are lauded as the best fans in the NFL, if not in all pro sports. They refer to themselves collectively as "The 12th Man" and individually as "12s," get very, very loud, and seem to rally around their up-there-in-the-Pacific-Northwest-ness.

But some leave before the game is over.

As you most certainly know, this wasn't to beat the traffic after a blowout win. The Seahawks trailed 19-7 with less than three minutes left in the NFC Championship Game, leaving a few fans discouraged enough to leave the stadium. When they heard their team making a comeback in what was ultimately a 28-22 overtime victory over the Green Bay Packers, they tried helplessly to get back in.

This isn't to scold the whole fan base; clearly, most stayed. We can't even tsk-tsk too hard the fans who left; who among us hasn't declared our teams dead when trailing late in the fourth (or, ya know, late in the first)? Plus, the pain of knowing you screwed up has got to hurt.

Still, remember the labels thrown at Miami Heat fans when some left before their team's comeback in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals?

If the "best fans" can do it, this kind of proves it's not just a "bad sports town" thing, no?

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