Swaggy P is so swaggy he employs guards to oversee his shoes

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA TODAY Sports

If you've paid any attention to Nick "Swaggy P" Young in the past few years, you know that doing unorthodox things (offering to be the Lakers coach, driving a Zamboni during the Kings' Stanley Cup run, etc.) is his thing. So it's no surprise that this exclusive piece from Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins was littered with gems.

The most entertaining discovery? Young employs two people to watch over his 500-plus pairs of kicks. And the home that Young and girlfriend Iggy Azalea purchased from pop star Selena Gomez has a separate building he's converting into a "shoe house." An actual house. For just shoes.

Could these measures be the result of a home burglary back in March that resulted in the loss of his prized "Red October" Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers? What sort of qualities does he look for in a shoe guardian?

We may never know. Or we may find out in a tweet a few minutes from now. But the swag goes on.

For more oddities (such as his first date with Iggy being a trip to Target for socks and Ring Pops ... what?) check out the full article.


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