That time Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson surprised a fan by officiating his wedding

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is also known as "The People's Champion."

Now he can be known as "The People's Minister."

The story: "Screen Junkies," a YouTube channel known for its eponymous Web series, as well as "Honest Trailers," has a correspondent named Nick Mundy. Over time Mundy, an actor himself and also a big fan, interviewed The Rock on many occasions, and they developed a rapport -- even tweeting at each other. So recently Mundy's co-workers and Mr. Johnson decided to play the nicest prank in the world on him: They would pretend to screw up an interview opportunity ... only to stage a flash wedding for Mundy and his fiancée, Dilara Karabas, with Johnson as officiant.

Check it out:

That's right, The Rock became a fully ordained minister to marry the couple.

And yeah, it's safe to say it made Mundy's day/week/life -- even if he got married in American flag pants ("I got America pants on!" ... the video explains more):

Big year for Mundy: He wrote and is co-starring in the Comedy Central Web series "Nothing to Report." His co-lead? Another wrestler-turned-multiplatform-star, Chris Jericho.