Pranksters planted a tree between pitcher's mound and home plate

This would be a tough obstacle to pitch around.

Pranksters planted a tree between the pitcher's mound and home plate at a high school in Franklin, Ohio.

Yes, a tree. A big one.

Franklin High School athletic director Brian Bales was preparing for a baseball doubleheader on Saturday morning when he got a call from the school's parks and recreation supervisor saying a tree had been planted in the middle of the baseball field.

"I said, 'What are you talking about? A tree?' Someone planted a tree," Bales said. "I got in my car, drove out there around 9 a.m., and yes, there was a 25-foot tree planted very nicely between the pitcher's mound and home plate."

It was quite a clever prank, no doubt, but all of the games were able to go on as scheduled.

"Our [parks and recreation] supervisor did a nice job of removing the tree and planting the grass back. We were still able to play our doubleheader."

The tree may have been removed, its whereabouts currently unknown, but word of the prank continues to spread. Unfortunately, there may be some consequences if the administration finds out how the tree got there.

Points for creativity, pranksters.