Best stray dog ever follows adventure racing team on 430-mile journey

This is Arthur:

For a long time, Arthur didn't have a name -- just another stray dog living in Ecuador. Then he met Team Peak Performance, a Swedish team competing in the grueling Adventure Racing World Championship. One team member, Mikael Lindnord, fed Arthur a meatball.

Now, it's just one meatball, but anyone who owns a dog knows that once you feed a dog, you are now that dog's best friend forever. Arthur started following Team Peak Performance -- and didn't stop.

He followed them on roads:

Through the mud:

And even swam with them in rivers, although they brought him into the boat when he started to get cold and tired:

Things ended up going pretty well for Arthur -- he got a meatball, a name and, if Lindnord has his way, a new owner and a home in Sweden. Good boy.


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