DJ Flula's Nowitzki song can't be beat

Making amends for his country's peculiar love of David Hasselhoff music, Germany's DJ Flula has created the catchy, soon-to-be-smash-hit single "His Name Is Dirk" (check out the video below).

The techno and hip-hop artist recently launched a campaign to make this the official song for Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki. That should be a slam dunk with the Mavericks rolling along in the NBA playoffs in combination with the hilarious video and unforgettable lyrics such as "No matter what Dirk does do; He do it better than me and you; Doctor: The German Doogie; Dancing: The German boogie."

"Dirk Nowitzki has been my hero for many years," Flula Borg, who now lives in Los Angeles, said in a news release. "He has dominated the NBA with a smooth jumper and intelligent plays. He is like a smart dinosaur playing against a group of green, leafy ferns. While the ferns just sit around and release oxygen, the dinosaur eats them and shoots three-pointers over them. Dirk is like the German Moses, invincible and inspiring. That is why 'His Name Is Dirk' must be the Official Fan Song for Dirk Nowitzki."

And this has no connection to Nowitzki and the NBA playoffs, but just enjoy DJ Flula's next big hit, "Badger, I Eat You," below:

Jim Wilkie is the editor of The Life and can be reached at espnpucks@comcast.net.