Cobra Skulls reap rewards of bowling

Sunday, May 29

LAS VEGAS -- It's surprising to see what a good handicap and a little luck can do for some usually subpar bowlers such as my team, Cobra Skulls. And can you believe it? We got ninth place.

And we even got a trophy and cash!

Our friends Old Man Markley got a trophy for last place that was bigger than the fifth-place trophy. This can only happen at Punk Rock Bowling … and youth soccer.

But seriously, we had the best time bowling at this event, but mainly because the teams and bands were all good people and just looking to have fun.

And if you don't bowl so well, that's cool, too, because you have a night of amazing bands to look forward to singing along to and dancing to.

Descendants were awesome!

Every band at the awards show was great, and now I must crash so I can have energy to see Leftover Crack and more bands on Sunday.

Saturday, May 28

LAS VEGAS -- This year we made it to bowling on time after four hours of sleep. And we somehow did pretty well, which is surprising because Adam and I kept most of our attention on the UEFA Champions League final that Barcelona dominated over Manchester United.

After bowling we had to rest up to watch Dropkick Murphys and Stiff Little Fingers on the main event stage.

It was a great time, but we're turning in a little early tonight so we can be rested for shows tomorrow and more bowling as we just got word we ranked fourth.

Devin Peralta is the bassist and lead singer for Cobra Skulls, who will be taking part in the 13th Annual Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival during Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas. Watch for more blogs from Punk Rock Bowling participants on ESPN Music throughout the weekend.