Nothing small about sports in Valdosta, Ga.

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The movie "Remember the Titans" will always rank among the all-time great football movies. In this movie, T.C. Williams High School fights two battles: race and football. At the end of this movie, we learn that T.C. Williams High School not only wins the state but becomes the second-best team in the country that year.

Second best? That means they got beat in the last game. What team beat them to become the best high school football team in the country that year?

Answer: Valdosta Wildcats in Valdosta, Ga.

Valdosta, Ga., isn't the largest town around. It certainly isn't the most well known, but it has all the makings of a TitleTown.

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Located in extreme south Georgia, Valdosta has been known as "Winnersville" for many years. The epitome of "Friday Night Lights," Valdosta is full of energy and enthusiasm on any given Friday night during football season.

From the national and state champion Valdosta High Wildcats, along with state champion Lowndes High Vikings, to the state independent school champion Valwood Valiants, football reigns supreme in Valdosta.

The highlight of every season is the annual Winnersville Classic football game between Valdosta High and Lowndes High. To many in Valdosta, the winner of this game is MORE important than any state championship!! On that Saturday, the two-time Division II national champion Valdosta State Blazers take the field to complete a weekend of definitely "Winnersville" football.

But if you think Winnersville is all about football, think again. We have national and state champions in tennis, baseball and softball, just to name a few. ...

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More championships for Valdosta, Ga., aka Winnersville USA!

State champions for Georgia Christian School, Georgia Independent School Association (GISA)

1979-1980 Men's Basketball Class AA
1980-1981 Men's Basketball Class AA
1981-1982 Men's Basketball Class AA
1982-1983 Men's Basketball Class AA
1983-1984 Men's Basketball Class AA
1987-1988 Men's Basketball Class AA
1999-2000 Men's Basketball Class AA

State champions for Valwood School, Georgia Independent School Association (GISA)

1984-1985 Men's Track Class A
1985-1986 Football Class A
1985-1986 Men's Track Class A
1986-1987 Football Class A
1991-1992 Men's Tennis Class AA

1999-2000 Football Class A
1999-2000 Men's Tennis Class AA

2000-2001 Men's Tennis Class AA
2000-2001 Women's Tennis Class AA
2001-2002 Men's Tennis Class AA
2001-2002 Women's Tennis Class AA
2002-2003 Women's Tennis Class AA
2003-2004 Men's Cross Country Class AA

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Valdosta, Ga., is TitleTown and the home of the Valdosta High Wildcats, who have won more high school games then anyone in the country with 838 wins and 191 losses. Winner of 23 state titles and six national titles.

High school football is king in Georgia because nobody cares about the Atlanta Falcons.

Every year Valdosta High plays crosstown rival Lowndes High in the Winnersville Classic. Lowndes has won three of the last four state titles and has five state titles. I doubt you will find another town with 28 state titles.

We are also home to the defending D-II football national college champions and winners of two of the last four.

To show how big high school football is, our college team plays at Valdosta High School's stadium. When the two High school teams play, we have a crowd of about 10,000.

This is Winnersville, and as far as high school football goes, this is TitleTown.