Green Bay won't give up TitleTown

Submitted by
Polish Packerfan45

Green Bay, Wis., was and still is TitleTown USA. This city thrives on ONE team, the Green Bay Packers, not like all those other cities like Boston and Chicago who have many teams.

Green Bay has one and it shines above all others. This team represents the hard workers of Green Bay and all of Wisconsin. People like Nitschke, Taylor, Hutson, Favre and Lombardi represented the toughness of this town.

Fans have showed up in some of the most horrible weather, like this past season against the Giants: minus 14 and people still had their shirts off rooting for the Pack. When we lost that game and Favre retired the people showed their emotions and Green Bay was silent.

If we were in a town like Cincinnati and they were in a game like that and lost, they would just shrug, but in Green Bay we all stand together and show support for our team.

Even kids show their support. We have a middle school named after Vince Lombardi, and kids at a school made their own Christmas song about the Pack. My son even told me the teachers and students watched Brett's retirement speech. You don't see that often.

We might only have one team and might be a small city, but we all have big hearts and love seeing our Pack win on Sundays, and when we lose we get mad and think about the next game.

The Packers might be the only thing Green Bay has going for it, but nobody can ever take away the Packers or TitleTown from us. GO PACK GO!

Submitted by dlars5

What does a team receive if they win the Super Bowl? That's right, they get the Lombardi Trophy.

Where did Vince Lombardi coach and win? That's right, Green Bay, Wis.

How can a city with only 100,000 people in northern Wisconsin support the most legendary football team in the nation? Clearly, Green Bay is simply TitleTown USA.

Green Bay doesn't have the flair of a Boston, New York, Dallas or L.A. team, but they have the "IT" factor. You and I both know it's there. We may not know or agree on what the "IT" factor is, but we both agree that "IT" is in Green Bay.

I know the Packers haven't won a title for a few years, but this shouldn't matter in this competition. This city has won its fair share in the past.

You need to realize that Green Bay is at a disadvantage compared to the other TitleTown favorites. Green Bay has football and football. Other cities have football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, soccer, along with large DI sports teams (Green Bay does have a DI basketball team, but that's it).

Oh by the way, Brett Favre won the MVP title three years in a row.

Submitted by powersuns

Green Bay will always be TitleTown USA, just like Detroit will always be HockeyTown USA (ignoring my despisal of the Red Wings).

Twelve NFL Titles for a team that since 1919 has thrived in a town with only a little over 100,000 residents.

269 consecutive sellouts even through two decades ('70s-'80s) when the team had a total of three winning seasons.

A waiting list of 76,000+ to get seats when only about 70 become available each year.

ESPN: Been a fan for over 20 years. You can come up with an original nickname that isn't already taken, right?

Submitted by BIGMIKE233124

Imagine this: Sitting in Lambeau Field, playoff football, it's snowing and the place is overpacked with crazed fans.

The Packers with all their history trail by 14 points early in the first quarter. They come back to blow out the Seahawks and go to the championship game in "The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field."

That was the best experience of my life, and there is no atmosphere or place that would be closer to heaven.

Submitted by packFan61564

Using census numbers, it has become obvious people are moving out of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to more appealing cities such as Tampa, Las Vegas and Dallas.

Let's start a contest with these cities to see which one really is "My Kind of Town."

More cars are being built in podunk towns throughout Kentucky and Tennessee than in Detroit. Let's start voting for the "REAL" Motor City.

Since Los Angeles has surpassed Chicago in population, should we strip Chicago of the title "Second City?"

After we steal every city's moniker we shouldn't stop there. Let's nominate our favorite country for "Next Superpower."

Submitted by misspackerfan

Through 17 weeks of heated competition, all NFL teams seek one goal and only one goal and that is the Lombardi Trophy.

The Lombardi Trophy is the coveted chalice that ALL NFL players and coaches strive for and anything else is looking toward the next season.

His legacy lives here and only here in a place that we all call TitleTown USA (Green Bay, Wis.).

So, look at it this way, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

Submitted by paulb485

I THINK it is kinda funny how everyone THINKS their town should be TitleTown USA because the 100,000+ residents (including myself) of Green Bay, Wis., KNOW we live in TitleTown USA.

If anyone doubts me, do a search key word "City of Green Bay seal." Let me know what it says underneath the city of Green Bay.

So no matter whom ESPN proclaims TitleTown USA, it doesn't count until it is on your city seal and off ours.

Submitted by mcvean1680

The nickname belongs to Green Bay.

What an amazing story: Small meatpacking company town turns a team into a legendary NFL franchise that transcends time and all of the crap that is happening in sports today.

Do not tarnish the glory of this small town. It may be one of the last good things left about sports in America.

Submitted by azdbacksfan1

Where did the namesake of TitleTown come from? Not Norman, Okla. Not San Francisco. Not New York. Not Chicago. Not Chapel Hill, N.C., or any other little "I dream of being a TitleTown" town.

It came from the Green Bay Packers. How can any other town/city be called TitleTown USA without thinking of Green Bay?

All the rest are wannabes.