Gators swim in success

Submitted by alyssagator13

Where is TitleTown? Well that would be Gainesville, Fla., or as we like to call it, AGAINesville! Three National Championships in the two major college sports and a Heisman trophy winner in the past three years, how can you top that?

Submitted by rabbott32

When I turned on ESPN, and heard the words TitleTown, I assumed you guys were running another special on The University of Florida and Gainesville. However, when watching further, I was shocked to learn ESPN is actually SEARCHING for TitleTown USA.

We thought that winning two basketball championships and a football championship in a calendar year would be enough to cement ourselves as THE TitleTown USA. However recently we had a down year, and by that I mean we only won a lousy Heisman.

To summarize, TitleTown USA is Gainesville, Fla. This has been our undisputed nickname for some time now, and with our upcoming football championship this year, we plan on holding onto it.

Submitted by torello13

Gainesville has produced numerous SEC and national titles to deserve the sign signifying TitleTown down I-75.

But more than that, Gators have taken TitleTown on the road. They have made the country, the continent, the world their TitleTown.

Whether it be winning NBA titles, World Series MVPs, Olympic gold, Women's World Cups or PGA titles, the Gator Nation reaches way beyond the University of Florida campus.

Wherever Gators are winning, the Gator Nation is there. "In all types of weather, we all stick together ..." Go Gators!

Submitted by aprestia1

Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, Tim Tebow. Those names should be enough to bring ESPN to TitleTown, Fla., aka Gainesville. But how about Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer and Billy Donovan? ...

What other college campus in American can you walk to class and look up to see a live alligator lying on the sidewalk, taking in the sun, away from his usual home in one of the lakes on campus.
After five years at UF, thankfully I still have all my limbs (they only eat visiting Seminole fans).

Next time your team wins a game and the coach gets Gatorade poured over his head, remember: Gainesville is responsible for Gatorade. Tiger Woods drinks Gatorade. Michael Jordan drinks Gatorade. All the greats drank GATORade and have Gainesville to thank for it.

Udonis Haslem (Heat) has a NBA Championship ring. Matt Bonner (Spurs) has an NBA Championship ring. Max Starks (Steelers) has a NFL Super Bowl ring. ... OH! And EMMITT SMITH, the critically acclaimed dancer. (I hear he played football, too.)

Submitted by Hunter5610

Our tennis, golf and swimming teams have also amassed national championships.

Though no national championships have been won by our women's volleyball program, we have won 17 SEC championships in a row.

We have been in the top 10 of the nation's all-sport rankings every year since 1983-84 and have won the overall all-sport title [18 times] in the SEC ...

Overall, we have won 21 team national championships and 209 individual ones.

And for anyone who's ever been to Gainesville knows nothing beats a Saturday night SEC game in the Swamp, no matter what the caliber of the opponent is.

Submitted by UFpope

Then there is Tim Tebow. He was the first sophomore IN HISTORY to win the Heisman trophy and he still has two seasons left to win one more.

In addition to all these accolades, UF has won ... 180 SEC championships, which is the most in league history. ...

As for the Olympics, UF has sent 118 athletes throughout the years. They have won a total of 76 medals, including 39 Gold medals.

All this success despite Gainesville not being a huge city or megalopolis; Gainesville is a college town rich with a winning tradition, which is why Gainesville deserves the TitleTown label.

Submitted by gatormoms.net

Who else can tout 61,000 fans that attend their team's spring scrimmage game? We all know that Gator fans have the reputation of being rabid fans!

We bleed orange and blue, and not just during our winning seasons. We show up and sell out the most lopsided matchups whether we are the favorites or not!

Florida fans aren't fair-weather fans who follow their teams only if they are winning. Gator fans are fans for life no matter our rankings!