Parkersburg, W.V., challenges for TitleTown

Submitted by JOFank72
We don't have a lot of people, nor any professional sports teams, but here is a stat for you. AAA is the highest level that a high school can compete at in W.Va. Both schools mentioned hereafter are AAA schools.

In Parkersburg, we have accumulated 192 overall state championships in 103 years with 183 if those coming since 1950.

Parkersburg High School alone has 137 championships in its 103 years of existence.

There is also another AAA school in Parkersburg called Parkersburg South High School, who, by the way, has 38 titles in 40 years. Not to be outdone Parkersburg Catholic, a single A school, has 17 state titles of its own. Not bad considering that there are 136 high school teams in West Virginia with 38 in AAA.

We may not have a pro sports team, but in high school sports, Parkersburg as a whole is pretty dominant.