It's Gamer Time!

ESPN.com is in the game now.

The leading sports site on the Internet is your new home for the coverage of the sports video-game industry.

Of course, you probably already know that, because you've found your way to ESPN Gamer.

So what can you find today in the debut of our Gamer section? And what can you expect to see over the upcoming weeks?

Well, we kick off the site with everything you need to get ready for some football:

  • If you're wondering which NFL game to buy this fall, you'll want to check out our reviews of all five pro-football titles. Our independent staff of reviewers offers detailed grades for EA's Madden 2004 (which hits stores Thursday), Sega's ESPN NFL Football (2K4) (which debuts Sept. 3), Microsoft's NFL Fever 2004 (Aug. 27), 989 Sports' NFL Game Day 2004 (Aug. 27) and Midway's NFL Blitz Pro (Sept. 30).

  • Wondering which QB has the strongest arm or which RB has the fleetest feet? ESPN Gamer will be your source for exclusive player ratings -- directly from the companies who make the games.

  • We've also got the college gridiron covered with our reviews of 989's NCAA GameBreaker 2004 (available Aug. 27) and EA's NCAA Football 2004 (already available).

  • ESPN Gamer will also offer features that take you inside the game: What's it like to play against Mike Vick himself in Madden 2004? What is the view like inside an NFL player's helmet in Sega's new first-person feature for NFL Football (2K4)? Are athletes jinxed once they appear on the cover of a new video game? Why would anyone need both an Xbox and a PS2 in the backseat of their car? We've got all the answers.

  • Our most important piece of content, however, will come from you. ESPN Gamer invites its readers to offer their own reviews of games, and we'll keep a running tally of the most popular titles. Plus, users can share "cheats" and other tricks of the trades with fellow gamers on our message boards.

    And what you see today is only the start of ESPN Gamer's cool features:

  • Next week, we'll review all the titles for Major League Baseball, and in subsequent weeks, we'll move onto golf, rugby, the NHL and NBA. If it's a video game and it involves sports, you'll find everything you need to know about it on ESPN Gamer.

  • We'll also bring moving game simulations straight to your computer through the technology of ESPN Motion. Not only will Motion provide exclusive "see-it-before-it-hits" clips from the major video-game companies, but starting in late August, we'll also allow you to see the big games before they happen. Through sporting-event simulations, ESPN Gamer will "play out" three of the weekend's big games as simulated by the game engines at SEGA, EA, Microsoft and Sony.

  • We also will feature commentary, analysis and input from ESPN talent who share a passion for sports video games.

  • We'll get game reviews directly from top athletes.

  • Plus, interviews and chats with game designers, sports video game personalities, athletes and more.