Saturday, August 25
Updated: December 1, 5:44 PM ET
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This week: Auburn at LSU

Welcome back to one of ESPN's most truly interactive web pages covering college football.

You really produced! All of you who logged on and sent in your ideas thus far literally helped produce Adrian's sideline reports. Whether it's riding aboard the Sooner Schooner at Oklahoma, chowing down on a Lobster Roll up at Boston College, or dotting the "I" of "Script Ohio" with the Ohio State Marching Band, your ideas helped drive our telecast in new directions each Saturday Night of ESPN's Primetime College Football.

Last week at Georgia Tech, at the suggestion of Jeremy from Greenville, SC (and several others), Adrian hopped in the rumble seat of the "Ramblin' Wreck" for a ride into Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field. Adrian also quoted the email written by Todd from Athens, GA on the nature of the Georgia/Georgia Tech rivalry. Well stated:

"One is a starched white shirt, the other clean cut but a little rough around the edges. One built the skyscrapers of Atlanta, the other leads the businesses that occupy them. One is big city and big time, the other is laid back and back country. One is man's best friend, the other is one of his most pesky enemies. One represents the city of Atlanta, one represents the state of Georgia. No matter how you slice it, we are just different."

This week in Baton Rouge: A game of epic proportions on target to challenge the "Earthquake Game", "the Interception Game" or "the Night the Barn Burned" in Auburn/LSU lore as the showdown between the Tigers and Tigers will send the winner to the SEC Championship Game. We'd like to hear your suggestions for what this game should be called once the history books are written. So be prepared to log on DURING the telecast once the game seems to have swayed one way or another, and name the game. And don't forget, Adrian will react to your pre-game suggestions as well. So to send in your ideas for this week, just use the form below, before AND during the game! And be alert this Saturday Night ... we have gone back to the LSU Geology Building and found the old seismograph machine that recorded the "earthquake" readings on that amazing night in 1988. Stay tuned!

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Date Game
Dec. 1 Auburn at LSU
Dec. 21 Div. 1-AA Champ. game
Dec. 29 Sylvania Alamo Bowl
Jan. 1 Outback Bowl

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