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Tuesday, January 23, 2001

ESPN networks want to know what you're thinking

Outside the Lines (weekly): Send us feedback
The news-related show, which airs Sundays at 10:30 a.m. ET, is interested in your reaction to their show.

I Want ESPN Classic
ESPN Classic televises the greatest sporting events, most memorable stories and heroes of all time. Click here if you want to get ESPN Classic.

Send your Three Rivers and Mile High memories
ESPN Classic is interested in hearing your memories of Three Rivers and Mile High stadiums.

Send your Reel Classics slogan
ESPN Classic needs your help in developing a slogan for our Reel Classics presentation of "Chariots of Fire."

Send your tales to "Cumberland Stories"
Cumberland Stories is a new series that will be debuting this July on ESPN Outdoors, Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. ET. They want to hear your stories and your amazing feats. They might even come to your town to film it.

Send your question to RPM 2Night
ESPN2's motorsports show is ready to take on your questions on air.

Send a comment to X2day
We spent a full season behind the scenes with the athletes and at the events. Now we need your comments, who you want to see and where you want us to go for an all new X2day season.

Send a comment to XBS
You decide. Tell us what questions to ask our guest athletes on our next episode of XBS.

Send a question to ESPN2 Friday Night Fights
The Deuce's boxing show will tackle your questions during its " 2 the Max" segment.

Send a question to Jonathan Sills
Here is your chance to ask's resident mathematician any question you want.

Send a comment to Worldwide Soccer
The Deuce's soccer show wants your feedback on its format and future.

Send your comments to ESPN The Magazine
ESPN The Magazine wants to hear from you.

ESPN Radio
Send e-mail to the Tony Kornheiser show
The host of ESPN Radio's Tony Kornheiser Show wants to know what's on your mind.

Ask ESPN about freelance jobs
If you have a knack for computers and sports, ESPN may have a freelance job for you.