Friday, September 3
Updated: October 15, 9:28 AM ET
Send your questions for Up Close

Have you ever watched 'Up Close' and wanted to take Gary Miller's place and ask a question of your own? Well, now you can. Use the mail form below to send in your questions for our guest and it may get used during the show.

Send in your comments and questions for Leroy Butler, check out the upcoming schedule to send in questions and comments for future guests.

Also, you can now see your comments scroll across the bottom of the screen during Up Close. Just use the same form below to send in any comments (aside from your questions) and watch to see if your comments make it on-air.

 Gary Miller
Host Gary Miller.

Up Close is hosted by 10-year ESPN veteran Gary Miller, who assumed the prestigious position on January 11, 1999. Prior to becoming the third host for Up Close, Miller hosted Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter and anchored ESPN's on-site coverage for the World Series, MLB Playoffs, and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies. Up Close is based in Anaheim, Calif. at ESPN Zone, featuring predominantly face-to-face in-studio interviews with the top athletes, coaches, and sports personalities, with an occasional newsmaker hooked up by satellite.

Check out the Up Close homepage for our schedule of guests and fire off your questions now.

Be sure to fill out the form completely. If you omit your name or city, we'll ignore you. Just hit the "submit" button and you're on your way.

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