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 Thursday, October 19
The Pulse: Subway Series sites
By Eric Adelson

 We can't all live in Noo Yawk. Thank goodness. But you can use this special edition of The Pulse to get the full flavor of the Big Apple during these Ten Days of Awe (minus all the honking).

All About the NYC Subway
Otherwise it would be a Taxicab Series. History (accidents -- cool!), FAQ (What's an Iron Maiden?) and, best of all, old maps.

A History of Subway Series
Line scores of every Subway Series game, back to 1921. Plus "intraurban" series in ChiTown, the Bay and the Lou.

Former Subway Series Sites
"There used to be a ballpark here." Pictures, dimensions and memories of Ebbets Field, plus a link to the Polo Grounds and other parks new and old.

The Best Yankees Fan Page
Game stories, gamecasts, references to the "Muts" and a lively forum: "Will Clemens bat at Shea?"

The Best Mets Fan Page
Postseason journals, history, a guide to Shea and a preview of offseason transactions. "Bring the kids, honey, we're heading to the bomb shelter."

I Need Two!
Want tix? Some are still around, for $700 to $4,500. Hurry.

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