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 Friday, July 14
 Dan Patrick's new book, "Outtakes," includes all his memorable interviews that have been presented in ESPN the Magazine. "Outtakes" can be ordered online at Barnes & Noble. The book is in bookstores now, and also available at all ESPN Zones, located in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C.

Dan Patrick
As an anchor on the 11 p.m. SportsCenter, Dan Patrick is one of ESPN's most well-known personalities. In "Outtakes," the quick-witted Patrick takes on sports stars in the same unique and unconventional style that has made the column of the same name one of the most popular features in ESPN the Magazine.

For the very first time, the best of Dan Patrick's interviews are all in one place. And these longer interviews contain material that has not appeared anywhere else, including more of Patrick's provocative teasing interplay with athletes.

Here are some highlights of "Outtakes:"

David Cone
Dan Patrick: Greg Maddux says the sound of a homerun is two cars crashing. How would you describe it?
David Cone: Like dropping a stack of dishes.
DP: Do you know the sound, though, as soon as you throw it?
DC: Yeah. You know the sound.
DP: Do you cringe?
DC: And you snap your head back. And maybe it's instinctual, for whatever reason, you know it's gone but you still snap your head back to watch it as if there is a chance it might stay in.
DP: That's for effect, for TV. To make it seem like "Oh, did he get all of that?"
DC: Mark Gubicza had it down. He's just put his head down. He knew right away. The best I've ever seen. He'd give up a homerun and immediately his dauber was down. He didn't even watch it.
DP: Do you watch baseball? If you are not playing do you care about baseball?
DC: Yes. Very much. I want to know what Maddux is doing to get those guys out. I want to know all the secrets, all the tricks.
DP: What can you pick up from watching a game?
DC: Style. Strategy. Patterns. Watch Greg Maddux's pattern. How he gets out tough lefties.
DP: Best pitcher of this era. Would he be among three guys you would say defined your era's starting pitching?
DC: Certainly , Clemens and Maddux have defined our era, I believe. And Randy Johnson is right behind them and still going.
DP: Do chicks dig the long ball?
DC: Most definitely. Chicks do dig the long ball.
DP: They don't dig striking out the guy who can hit the long ball?
DC: They are not digging ground balls. (Laughs.) Managers dig ground balls. Umpires dig ground balls and two hour games. Chicks don't dig that.

Keyshawn Johnson
Dan Patrick: Do you think your attitude is sometimes misinterpreted?
Keyshawn Johnson: I think it all comes from my rookie year. I just wanted to win so bad. I don't think people had seen that attitude before. They were used to shy people who just say what you're supposed to say. Textbook. They tell you what to say in college. What to say at the combine. What to say at the Heisman ceremony. What to say when they draft you. You say A,B and C. Never go to D,E, and F. If you do that, you're not doing what we want. Ever since then people have wanted to find a way to find a niche for whatever I do or say.
DP: Give me a defensive back in the AFC East that you have the most respect for?
KJ: Ty Law. I like Ty Law a lot. I don't know him as an individual but I respect his game. I don't think he gets the respect he deserves. He's physical and I've seen him run with the best of them. I just like the overall toughness in his play.
DP: Who else?
KJ: I like Terrell Buckley a lot. I like his enthusiasm. Both those guys are fun to watch play.
DP: Are there guys in the game you would sit and watch play?
KJ: Michael Irvin. Jerry Rice. Cris Carter. Barry Sanders. Jerome Bettis. Emmitt Smith.
DP: So you're a football fan?
KJ: Oh, yeah. I go to high school games on Fridays when I can.
DP: Give me the three best talkers you know in the NFL.
KJ: Corey Fuller. Ty Law. Thomas Smith. From Buffalo. Terrell Buckley's in there too.
He's taking every route to the house. And that's just the joy of playing football. Being able to have fun and believe in your ability to get it done.

Mike Piazza
Dan Patrick: Do you ever get tired of squatting?
Mike Piazza: (Laughs a bit.) Actually, yeah I do. Sure.
DP: Because Pudge Rodriguez has told me that when he is out at the mall walking around, to relax, he'll just squat.
MP: Oh, yeah. During all the team meetings, when they are talking about signs on the field, you gotta squat. Or at a party or standing around at a bar.
DP: At a party?
MP: I'll bend down that way.
DP: You'll just squat.
MP: You get a good lay of the land that way.
DP: Give me the three best heavy metal bands of all time.
MP: What kind of metal? Speed metal? Glam metal? Like gothic metal? Death metal?
DP: Just your three favorite bands of all time.
MP: My favorite speed metal band is Slayer. My favorite glam metal band is Motley Crüe. My favorite just straight metal band would be AC/DC.
DP: Give me one-word answers to describe these swings. Griffey.
MP: Fluid.
DP: Gwynn.
MP: Improvisation.
DP: McGwire.
MP: Powerful is obvious, I guess. (Pauses.)
DP: I got a better idea. If you were going to attach a rock band to these swings, or a band.
So Tony Gwynn.
MP: (Laughing hard.) The Temptations.
DP: Mark McGwire.
MP: Man of War.
DP: Griffey.
MP: Steve Miller Band. Fly Like An Eagle.
DP: Very Good.
MP: (sings) Doo-doo-doot-doot.
DP: Bonds.
MP: Tupac.
DP: What about your swing?
MP: My swing. It's unorthodox. I'd have to go with Dream Theater.
DP: (A bit puzzled.) Dream Theater? I was thinking of Yanni.


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