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ESPN Zone New York - Quick Questions

Linda Cohn - SportsCenter Anchor

  • Joined ESPN as a SportsCenter Anchor in July of 1992
  • Host of ESPN and ESPN2's coverage of the LPGA tour
  • Was the first-ever, full-time female sports anchor on a national readio network (ABC) in 1987

    Linda Cohn comes to the ESPN Zone throughout the year to host shows like SportsCenter.

    ESPN Zone: What player name is the most difficult to pronounce?
    Linda Cohn: It has to be off the top of my head, one of these hockey players. I played hockey and it's an international sport, so if I name to you a name that's difficult to pronounce then obviously it's not difficult to pronounce. So maybe it's like (Vitaly) Potapenko, the basketball player.

    ESPN Zone:If you weren't on SportsCenter what would you be doing for a living?
    Linda Cohn: I'd be on Entertainment Tonight, there's no question about it. I would be on the red carpet at the Oscars or the Emmys - that would be my dream.

    ESPN Zone: Where would you like to see an ESPN Zone open up?
    Linda Cohn:My backyard. I heard there's one going to be in Vegas this summer which I'm psyched about. I'm sticking with Stanford, Connecticut my hometown.

    ESPN Zone: Can you cook? What is your specialty?
    Linda Cohn: I cannot cook. My specialty would be oatmeal. Actually my husband says to me I really can cook, I just don't want to cook. If I had to cook I would, but I'd rather have someone else do it.

    ESPN Zone: If you could pick one game in which you could watch from a Zone Throne, what would it be?
    Linda Cohn: That's easy. It would have to be Game 7 1994 Rangers vs Devils - double overtime with Stephanne Matteau winning it. On one hand I would like that to be my first choice, but I think I would have had a heart attack with people watching me go crazy. To be in public when that happened would be very embarrassing. That was by far the most incredible sporting event I think. You could say Game 7 1994 when Rangers won the Cup but I was there at the Garden.

    ESPN Zone:What is your favorite SportsCenter commercial?
    Linda Cohn:I'd have to be nuts if I didn't say one that I was in, so I would say the swimsuit one. We did a spoof on Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition and I was with Mr. Met acting like a fashion model. We had a lot of fun making it.

    ESPN Zone: Have you ever trashed anyone on SportsCenter and then later had to interview them?
    Linda Cohn: I don't really trash anyone ever. I have only had positive reactions.

    ESPN Zone: What was the best reaction then?
    Linda Cohn: I've get messages from Michael Jordan saying it's about time I've met you. Same thing with Wayne Gretzky. I never get sick of it and it's not me being cocky, it's just that I'm doing something I love to do. These people who I look up to and I admire - they watch (SportsCenter) and I'm in their living room. I think that's so cool. That's great. I'm like a kid? I'm a kid when it comes to stuff like that.

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