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Mo Cap Boxing
Step in the Ring in MoCap Boxing.

  • MoCap Golf*
  • MoCap Boxing
  • Daytona Special
  • ESPN Bowling
  • NBA 2 Night
  • NFL Sunday Night Football Countdown
  • NHL 2 Night
  • HyperBowl
  • ESPN Biathlon

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    ESPN Zone Atlanta Games

  • 500 GP
  • Alpine Racer 2
  • Alpine Surfer
  • Bass Fishing
  • Daytona 2 Deluxe
  • Downhill Biker
  • Final Furlong
  • Harley Davidson
  • Harley Davidson Pinball
    Take your friends on in Air Hockey.
  • Hot Flash Air Hockey
  • Hydro Thunder
  • Kick It
  • NFL Blitz 2000
  • Offroad Thunder
  • Putting Challenge II
  • Rapid River
  • Rolling Extreme
  • SF Rush 2049
  • Super GT
  • Super Shot
  • Waverunner
  • World Series 99

    MoCap Golf
    Mocap Golf is the latest incarnation of Konami's motion sensing technology. Designed with a twin screen format, Mocap Golf brings players an unparalleled golfing experience as well as one of the most unique interfaces seen in video games to date. The game uses sensors to emulate the actual swing of the player and translates the power, direction and accuracy into the onscreen shot. Set in Hawaii, Mocap Golf guides players through beautiful scenery and a wonderful climate to some of the most dramatic holes to be seen anywhere.

    MoCap Boxing
    Step into the arena for the fight of your life! Konami's motion capture technology puts you right into the ring in Mocap Boxing. This boxing game simulates a real pro fight, forcing you to bob and weave to avoid your opponent's punches, while throwing punches of your own. Konami's motion capture system quickly reads where you stand, and the game screen shifts as you move. Put on the special boxing gloves and throw a hook, uppercut, or jab, while dodging punches from your opponent. By successfully avoiding punches and carefully timing your own punches, you can build up your "punch gauge" for a single knockout blow. Mocap Boxing also displays the number of calories you burn during game play, making it not just a video game, but a full-body workout!

    Daytona Special
    Feel the need for speed? Climb aboard a NASCAR car and strap yourself in and then take it for a spin around three different tracks. This is a four player game, so bring three friends along so that you can challenge against them. Let's see who can take the checkered flag by putting the pedal to the metal and by running your opponent into the wall, because when all is said and done, only one will come in First Place!

    ESPN Bowling
    Strike out your friends in this high energy challenge! Ten frames of lane rumbling fun. Palm your bowling ball and roll it down the 45 foot lanes towards the pins and see how many pins are left standing. Are you ready to Roll & Bowl?

    NBA 2 Night
    Shoot the Rock!!! This is a great basketball shooting attraction! Make as many baskets as you can within 60 seconds, two, three and five points per basket depending on where you shoot from. This is a regulation court attraction. Challenge your friends and see who's got game!

    NFL Sunday Night Football Countdown
    Are you a Bristol University Graduate or a arm chair quarterback? Let's see who Can Go All The Way! This is a great football passing attraction to test your quarter back skills. Receivers are continuously moving allowing you to get either two or three points per completion. If you get 40 points or more, you will get a 10 second chance to complete a field goal, and if successful you will receive another 20 seconds more game time to achieve the best possible score. Go for the Touchdown!!!

    NHL 2 Night
    Make your own Power Play and test your slap shot! This is an interactive hockey attraction that you can play against our computer goalie or against one of your friends. Put the stick to the ice and take your best shot, score as many points within 90 seconds, three, two or one point depending on where you shoot from within the rink. This is the closest you can come to playing hockey without loosing any teeth!

    Strike out your friends in this high paced, high energy challenge. Ten frames of lane rumbling fun. You must roll and guide your ball all the way to the strike zone, exhilarating, yet exhuasting!

    ESPN Biathlon
    This is a target shooting attraction. Shoot as many targets as you can within 60 seconds. Challenge a friend or another guest and see who has the better hand and eye coordination and who can hit the mark!