Newsflash: Gilbert Arenas does not think like most people. Take his approach to gambling. Where most high rollers deal in large denominations to show off their wealth, Gilbert likes to go small. This explains why, Sunday night at Harrah's Casino in New Orleans, Arenas rolled up with $20,000 in $5 bills.

Why five-dollar bills?
"Because it's harder to spend five dollars than it is 20," Arenas said.
There's some logic in there—somewhere. Arenas explained that when gambling, it's easy for him to lose a lot of money when all he has to do is throw a c-note on the table. He said it's easier for him to know how much money he's losing if he has to count it all.
Unfortunately, the plan didn't work.
"They wouldn't cash all the fives," he said. "It would've taken 25 minutes to count and I saw the look on everyone's faces and said 'forget it.'"
That's right. Gilbert Arenas showed up to a casino with a wad of $5 bills and then decided to forget the whole thing when he realized how long it would take to count.
Arenas followed up his little stunt at Harrah's with another bad gamble yesterday during the pre-game warm-ups at the Hornets-Wizards game. Arenas took on Chris Paul in a half-court shooting contest . Yes, the same Chris Paul who owns the world record for most half-court shots made in a minute. Luckily, I had the presence of mind to record the event.
My only regret is not capturing the moment where Arenas pays Paul. We can only hope he did it in $5 bills.